About Lucky Look

Now I live alone with my cats after my youngest daughter, Cathrine has moved to her own appartment. I have lived in Jylland for 4 years, but in december 2008 I returned to Fyn,where I have spend the most part of my life.

I have 3 adult children and 2 small grandchildren. In the picture below, you can see me and my little grandchild Thilde together with my daughters housecat.


                                    Hanne and Thilde september 2008

We have always had cats but in 1998 we "inherited" a lovely red/white persian male named Chile and then the interest in pedigree cats took off. For quite a while we considered buying another persian for show and possibly breeding.

At a show in 2001 we became acquinted with the Sacred Birman and we instantly fell for the breed.

In november this year we bought our first Birman from Gerda Andersen in Horsens, our brown female Ulrika. She got to be very good friends with the Persian so when he a few months later got ill and died, she missed him so much that a new playmate had to be found.

We had no doubt that it had to be another Birman and fortunately we came across a just five weeks younger lovely lilac female from Aase Nissen in Kalvehave. Her name is Shengo Mocheeba, called Mocca.

Plans of breeding took form and we got the name ”Lucky Look”. The philosophy behind our breeding is to keep it small enough that all kittens get to be part of our family.

In March 2003 Ulrika gave birth to our first litter. 

In the summer 2004 we bought our first male, Kornelius. He is lilacpointed and in the age of 10½ month he became dad to his first litter born 22. December 2004.

More about kittens in  the kittenpage.